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Very attractive Handmade Smudge Feather Fan/Wands.

* 18" to "20" inches approx in length, including tassels

I make these beautiful smudge feather wands and each individual piece offers a special uniqueness all of its own, using varying decorative dressings and feathers. 

Most of my smudge feathers have a lovely crystal attached. All dressed in real genuine leather, Tribal style ribbon & fur.

*Length measurements varying from between 16" to 20" inches (including tassel fringe). 


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* Materials used:

In general most or all my feather wands are made from locally sourced wood that is foraged from my local woods and forests. The wood handles are whittled and sanded down to a smooth texture and then covered and dressed with real genuine leather, tribal ribbon (subject to availability), real fur, leather lacing, & crystals. 

* Feathers frequently used:

Turkey (dyed black to imitate eagle feathers).
Wild Turkey (Large Barred)
White Turkey
Guinea Fowl
Peacock Wing
Peacock Eye
Swan or Goose
Pheasant Hackle
Pheasant Tails
Silver Pheasant Hackles
Macaw/Parrot and other tropical bird feathers (subject to availability)
and various others...

I try to keep all the materials used as natural as possible.
The feathers I use are from natural annual molting and bird friendly sellers only. (Cruelty Free).

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