Why are consultations necessary?

Consultations are necessary because therapists will need to know if you have any health conditions that may prevent you from having treatments. There are some health conditions that are contra-indicated to massage and it is important for the therapist to know of these conditions before massage treatment can take place.

Consultations can help develop a friendly rapport between therapist and client, thus aiding preparation prior to treatment. The client will be informed about what the massage treatment involves and how the massage can be adapted to their individual needs.

Details will be recorded on a consultation form i.e name and address, medical history, present health, diet and other factors: eating habits, fluid and alcohol consumption, stress levels, sleep patterns, etc. All these vital points of information will enable me to provide aftercare advice accordingly, thus encouraging you to help yourself gain a more better and healthier lifestyle.

Please note that all records are kept strictly confidential and locked away in safe place. Under no circumstances will any personal information be disclosed to any other person/s (unless in extremely rare cases where I may have reason to believe that you may wish to harm yourself or others). If there are any medical health conditions present, you may need to contact your GP to gain his/her approval before massage treatment can take place. However massage treatment is generally considered to be very safe, and depending on your ailment or health condition, you can, if you wish go ahead with the massage as long as you are happy to do so. I will therefore need you to read and sign a disclaimer form.

Note: Massage treatment is a complementary/alternative therapy and is not intended to replace conventional medicine. If you have any health conditions that have not already been assessed, I strongly recommend that you seek your Doctor's advice.