Frequently asked Questions

    I have created a question and answer page here which should be helpful for people that are new to massage treatments. I have tried to include every question that I am frequently asked.

  • Question: Will I need to remove all my clothing for massage treatments?

Answer: If you are having a full body massage, all clothing (apart from underwear) will need to be removed. Boxers/Trunks stay on for men, and knickers for women. For back massages, trousers and socks can stay on. For leg massage, tops or tee shirts can stay on.

  • Question: Can I ask for a specific massage pressure to suit my comfort?

Answer: Yes of course you can. Please do state your preferred massage pressure before your treatment begins. i.e. light, medium or firm.

  • Question: Can I ask for specific area's to be focused on?

Answer: Yes, if you are suffering aches, pains or tension in certain areas - i.e. neck, shoulders, lower back, legs, I will focus more attention on these during your treatment, especially if you're having a deep tissue or sports massage.

  • Question: What does a full body 90 minute massage entail?

Answer: With a full body 90 minute massage you get your back, legs, feet, arms, hands, neck, head and face massaged and Stomach if required.

  • Question: What is the difference between a Swedish massage and Sports or Deep Tissue massage?

Answer: Swedish massage is different from Sports or Deep Tissue massage because it is more relaxing and we use various relaxing massage strokes within a routine. Sports or deep tissue massage is mainly focused on specific areas of tightness, tension, pains and injuries using a range of highly effective techniques. You will also experience a much deeper and firm pressure massage.

  • Question: Will sports or deep tissue massage hurt?

Answer: You may feel some pain or soreness during the deep focused work, particularly on areas where you have problems in the muscles and surrounding tissue. I can always adapt or ease off the pressure if it feels too intense for you. Please let me know.

  • Question: Will I feel sore after Sports or Deep Tissue Massage?

Answer: You may experience some soreness for a day or two which is normal. Your muscles and tissues need to settle down. You should then feel fine and begin to notice the positive benefits. Keep drinking plenty of water.

  • Question: Why do I have to drink plenty of water after massage?

Answer: As a general rule, it is not on healthy for your body stay rehydrated, it is also really important and beneficial after massage to help flush out toxins. Especially after receiving a sports or deep tissue massage. Areas of tightness, knots, and tension will have been worked on and toxins such as lactic acid will be released into the blood stream ready to be flushed out during the circulatory process. Often if the client does not drink enough water then feelings of sluggishness, fogginess, headaches and healing crisis's may occur.

  • Question: Should I rest when I get home?

Answer: It would certainly be beneficial for you to rest after massage, but its not essential.

  • Question: What are knots in muscles?

Answer: There are still no scientific answers to truly explain what these painful knots are, although it said that they are taught, constricted bands of muscle and fibres that have had lactic acid present and a build up of proteins. They are caused by stress, tension and tightness, poor posture, sedentary life styles with short bursts of energy. Muscles get stuck in abnormal positions, hunched over a computer for instance, and the muscles begin to think that this how they should be, and adapt to this position which is abnormal. They gradually get tighter and tighter and knots begin to form which feel sore and painful. These knots are also called Myo-fascial Trigger Points and refer pain in other areas.

  • Question: Can these knots be removed with massage?

Answer: With regular deep tissue massage treatments and the use of Neuromuscular therapy, also called trigger point myotherapy techniques, they should eventually begin to break down. You will also need change certain life styles to prevent them from reoccurring. Healthy eating, and regular stretching exercises will help, plus posture awareness.

  • Question: Do I need to wear anything special for massage?

Answer: No, just wear your normal clothes.

  • Question: Do I need to bring anything along for massage?

Answer: No. I provide everything you need - i.e. massage room, couch, oils, towels, music.

  • Question: Can I use a toilet?

Answer: Yes

  • Question: Is there a parking space?

Answer: Yes, there are spaces outside my house in the road, if not, there will be a space close by.

  • Question: Can I have a shower or a wash before or after my massage?

Answer: Sorry, I do not provide these facilities in my home.

  • Question: Can I have my mobile phone with me during my treatment?

Answer: I always encourage clients to turn off their phones and not to have them on hand during treatments. It is not only respectful to me as your therapist, but respectful for YOUR time out to relax. I will permit it only if it is really important and essential for work or family.

  • Question: Can I bring my partner or friend along during treatments?

Answer: I do not have space in my room for anyone else other than my client. However, if you are disabled then I will make special arrangements for your carer to be present, or he/she can sit and wait in my lounge.

  • Question: Do you accept cheques or have a card machine?

Answer: I do not have a card machine at the moment, and I only accept cash. Cheques can bounce sometimes which has happened to me in the past unfortunately.

I hope I have managed to answer everything you need to know.